[Ann] WellGEO RegRep 4.3 Release

Happy Holidays! We hope you like release 4.3

The Wellfleet dev team has been busy working on a holiday present for our customers. We are pleased to announce WellGEO RegRep 4.3, the latest release of our Geo enabled ebXML RegRep 4 product.

The new release is aligned with the latest ebXML RegRep 4 CD1 specifications and packed with many new features.

Versioning Feature

The new release provides support for versioning of regrep content and metadata. When content and / or metadata is updated, a new version is automatically created by the server to reflect the latest changes. The previous version of content and metadata remains unchanged and may continue to be referenced and used as long as necessary. A client may specify a DontVersion hint to the server upon publish to indicate if they do not wish the published content and metadata to be versioned. In such case, the published content and metadata is simply updated without creating a new version.

GIT Repository Feature

GIT is the version control system (VCS) invented by Linus Torvald and used by the Linux community and many other projects. GIT is rapidly replacing subversion as the VCS of choice by many new projects.

The WellGEO RegRep product has an extensible Repository architecture
that allows new specialized repositories to be added to the server. The new release adds a GIT Repository module that allows a customer deployment to use a GIT VCS as a Repository for WellGEO RegRep.

In future we expect to support other popular version control systems as Repository within WellGEO RegRep.

Federation and Federated Query Features

Imagine two Organizations that have the need to securely share select information with each other. With the Federation feature, the two organizations can now be part of a "circle of trust" called a Federation. The information in their WellGEO RegRep servers is now seamlessly linked as if it is contained within a single WellGEO RegRep server. Clients may search across multiple servers as if they were a single server. The multiple servers that are independently operated by multiple partner organizations.

The new release makes this possible by delivering these advanced features of the ebXML RegRep 4 standard.

REST Interface Feature

The new release provides support for the Core REST interface of ebXML RegRep 4 specifications. It is now possible to access any content or metadata in the server as a resource accessible by a URL using HTTP GET protocol in a RESTful manner. It is also possible to execute any parameterized query configure in the server via the REST interface.

In future we expect to add support for publishing to the WellGEO RegRep server via ATOM Pub protocol in a RESTFul manner.

User Interface Improvements

There have been numerous improvement to our user interfaces in this release based upon valuable feedback from our customers. Many organizations wish to use WellGEO RegRep in a broader set of applications than geospatial. We received several requests for adding more general document management features. In response the Web UI has been enhanced to support publish and discovery of generic business documents such as PDF, Images, Office documents etc. The Admin GUI has been enhanced to allow transactional control over versioning feature.

Subscription and Notification Feature

This feature was actually part of the 4.2 release but we were too busy to blog about it back in November. The feature allows for users of the WellGEO RegRep server to create Subscriptions to information they are interested in. When that information changes they get notified of the change. Information of interest is specified using a "selector" query. The selector query leverages our powerful query capabilities to identify information of interest. Notification of changes may be delivered to a email or SOAP endpoint.

This feature is also used to implement the replication feature which is described next.

Replication Feature

This feature was actually part of the 4.2 release but we were too busy to blog about it back in November.

We believe this feature will be the "killer feature" that will make the ebXML RegRep 4.0 specifications and its implementations such as WellGEO RegRep very successful.

The replication feature allows a WellGEO RegRep server to easily replicate select information from another WellGEO RegRep server. The replicated information is selected and kept synchronized using the Subscription and Notification feature and selector queries. It is possible to have a replication configuration to replicate and keep synchronized an entire register of related information. We believe this feature is a key enabler for implementing ISO 19135 Geographic Information Procedures for Item Registration within an ebXML RegRep server.


We have had a very productive year! Since April we have delivered 4 separate releases of WellGEO RegRep product to our customers. Each release has been packed with new features. The feedback from customers has been very positive and has been valuable in improving the product further.

We wish everyone the very best of the holiday season and hope that you all have a very successful new year. We remain committed to bringing you the very best Geo-enabled ebXML RegRep on the planet!