[Ann] WellGEO RegRep 4.4 release

The WellGEO RegRep team at Wellfleet Software is pleased to announce our latest release of WellGEO RegRep 4.4.

New User Interface Features

  • Federated query support
  • Showing object relationships and related objects in Detail Panel of Editors
  • New wizards: Publish WSDL, Publish Service Instance,
    Publish DataSet
  • New Content Summary panel in ISO 19139 Metadata Editor, Service

New Server Features

  • Dynamic reconfiguration of Federations
  • Remote Subscription and Replication
  • Event Notification
  • JSON support via format query option in REST interface
  • Support for any type of geometry (not just Polygon) in spatial
  • New query "SpatialQuery" added to 19139 module
  • New query "GetRegistryObjectByLid"

Other Enhancements

  • New Installation Guide
  • New Users Guide
  • Alignment with latest RegRep 4 cd2- draft-1 specs

The federation features will be used to create a federated ebXML RegRep with registries from several participating US Government entities.

The dev team is busy working on version 4.5, the focus of which is the new Registration Procedures feature from RegRep 4, which is itself based upon ISO 19135 Registration Procedures.

A product data sheet for WellGEO RegRep is available here. Please contact us if you need more information.