[Ann] ebXML RegRep Profile for Web Ontology Language (OWL) 2.0 Draft 4

A new profile of ebXML RegRep 4 specifications called "ebXML RegRep Profile for Web Ontology Language (OWL)" is available. Draft 4 of version 2.0 of the specification was published recently and is available for public download here.

This specification normatively defines the ebXML RegRep profile for Web Ontology
Language (OWL) DL. More specifically, this specification normatively specifies the following:

  • How OWL ontologies MAY be published to an ebXML RegRep server (Publish Profile)

  • How ebXML RegRep metadata (RegistryObjects) within and ebXML RegRep server MAY reference published OWL ontology constructs (Semantic Annotation)

  • How ebXML RegRep queries may discover semantically annotated RegistryObjects using published OWL ontologies (Discovery Profile)

  • How ebXML RegRep queries may be used to perform SPARQL queries on the OWL repository content (Invoking SPARQL Queries)

  • How published OWL ontologies may be governed using ebXML RegRep policies and registration procedures (Governance Profile)

The first three items above utilize OWL ontology capabilities to improve
the capabilities of ebXML RegRep while the fourth item utilizes capabilities of ebXML RegRep to provide much needed collaborative ontology authoring and change management procedures to OWL ontology developers.

This specification specifically does not define mappings from OWL constructs to the [ebRIM] model. This is a significant departure from previous versions of this specification.

The next draft of the specification will focus on Ontology Versioning driven by the following key requirements:

  • Allow different versions of an ontology to be deployed within the RegRep at the same time. Different client applications may be using different versions of the same ontology at the same time
  • An application must be able to perform semantic searches within the context of a specific versions of a specific set of ontologies. Other version of the ontologies and other ontologies MUST NOT have any effect on such a scope constrained semantic search

Please send any feedback on the draft specs to the editor.