[Ann] WellGEO RegRep 4.7 release

The WellGEO RegRep team at Wellfleet Software is pleased to announce
our latest release of WellGEO RegRep 4.7.

The 4.7 release provides several new features, aligns with latest versions of ebXML RegRep 4 WD6 specifications and fixes numerous bugs.

New Server Features

  • Custom access control policies feature as defined by the new Contextual Attribute Based Access Control feature
    of RegRep 4 and based upon OASIS XACML 2.0 standard
  • ISO 19139 Cataloger enhancements for composable ISO 19139
    • Enhanced 19139 cataloger to support cataloging of
      CI_Responsible information and to process xlink:href attributes
    • Support for cataloging of resourceConstraints and
    • Support for cataloging dataset fields from gmd:featureTypes
  • WSDLCataloger now processes xlink:locator elements to automatically generate
    Association with ISO19139 file
  • New Canonical XML Validator to support Schematron based validation of XML
    • Submitted XML files may now be validated using schematron files with
      validation rules specialized for specific types of content
  • Clustering support for fault tolerance

New User Interface Features

  • Explorer tool
    • Improved icons in for Association, WSDL, ServiceBinding,
      ServiceInterface, MD_Metadata, OWL content
    • Now shows cataloged objects as child nodes of their source
      object. No longer shows cataloged objects as top level objects
    • Deleting a folder deletes objects in its sub-tree
  • Directory Import Wizard
    • Enhanced to allow exclusion of specified files
    • Allows importing datasets, services, WSDL etc. while preserving their
      directory structure

Other Enhancements

  • Alignment with latest RegRep 4 WD6 draft specs
  • Updated Installation Guide
  • Updated Users Guide

Wellfleet Software gratefully acknowledges:

  • MIT Lincoln Labs for rigorously evaluating and testing the beta versions of the 4.7
  • NOAA for their contributions towards the clustering improvements in release 4.7

A product data sheet for WellGEO RegRep is available here.
Please contact us if you need more information.