[Ann] ebXML RegRep 4 Committee Specification 01 Approved

I am pleased to share that ebXML RegRep 4 specification has advanced to the next stage in the OASIS Standards Approval process with the publishing of

OASIS ebXML RegRep Version 4.0
Committee Specification 01
28 July 2011

For details and links please see:


The OASIS ebXML RegRep TC has also submitted a request for OASIS to publish this version as a Candidate OASIS Standard. Statements of successful use of the ebXML RegRep 4 specifications have been submitted from the following Organizations:

The next step is for OASIS to publish the Candidate OASIS Standard (COS) 01 and start a 60 day public review. Depending upon the outcome of the public review, the specification will then be submitted for the final ballot for approval as an OASIS standard.