Rome Certiorem 1.0-M1: The latest implementation of pubsubhubhub

I am pleased to share that the rome-certiorem project has just announced its first release 1.0-M1. The project is the latest imlementation of the PubSubHubBub 0.3 draft specification. PubSubHubBub is an open, simple, web-scale publish / subscribe protocol based on REST principals. It enables a PUBlisher to publish a feed in a format such as ATOM or RSS and for a SUBscriber to subscribe to that feed. The Subscriber and the publisher are not coupled in any way as they communicate indirectly via a HUB.

The rome-certiorem project is a sub-project within the rometools, a project delivering tools and utilities for publishing and consuming ATOM and RSS feeds. Kudos to Robert Cooper for creating rome-certiorem and for his valuable guidance and help during the 1.0-M1 release.

The rometools projects, including rome-certiorem, are open source and available under the Apache 2.0 license.

Wellfleet Software is an active contributor to the rome-certiorem project. Wellfleet's WellGEO RegRep product is an implementation of ebXML RegRep 4.0 specification. In its upcoming 4.9 release, it uses rometools projects to publish ATOM 1.0 feed of events that transpire within the RegRep. It uses rome-certiorem to publish its events feeds to a PubSubHubBub hub. It also uses certiorem in its Client API to keep RegRep clients synchronized with events in the RegRep server in a scalable and secure manner.

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Farrukh Najmi
CTO Wellfleet Software