[Ann] WellGEO RegRep 4.12 release

The WellGEO RegRep team at Wellfleet Software is pleased to announce our latest release of WellGEO RegRep 4.12. WellGEO RegRep is an implementation of the OASIS ebXML RegRep 4 standard.

Features Highlight

Here is a brief summary of the new features and improvements to existing features:

  • Map Tool - A new Map Tool has been added to the Admin UI which allows graphically entering spatial geometries such as points, line segments and polygons as spatial filters in the spatial search parameters for dataset, service and 19139 discovery queries. Map data source is configurable and may be from a WMS or from one or more shp files. A world map is provided out of the box by default using local data.
  • Auto-classification of Services - Services are now automatically classified by the service type when published using standard OGC taxonomy for Geographic Services. This saves a manual step to classify the service after publishing it.
  • Location based CQL queries - The Contextual Query Language (CQL) feature allows using querying the RegRep server using simple SQL like queries. This feature now supports location-based queries to search for content such as Image content. Content may be searched using a filter geometry such as a POINT, LINESTRING or POLYGON in conjunction with a OGC spatial relationship (e.g. WITHIN). An example of such a location-based CQL query is as follows:

    > im="urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-regrep:profile:image:ObjectType:image" im.exif.geoLocation WITHIN "POLYGON((-72 40, 80 40, 80 100, -72 100, -72 40))"

  • JDK 7 support - The client and server now require java platform of JDK 7 or later

In addition to above, a number of bugs have been fixed.

Additional Information

A product data sheet for WellGEO RegRep is available here. Please contact us if you need more information.