[Ann] WellGEO RegRep 4.14 release

The WellGEO RegRep team at Wellfleet Software is pleased to announce our latest release of WellGEO RegRep 4.14. WellGEO RegRep is an implementation of the OASIS ebXML RegRep 4 standard.

Features Highlight

Here is a brief summary of the new features and improvements to existing features:

  • Publish, Management and Discovery of PDF Documents - Added support for Publish, Management and Discovery of PDF Documents within WellGEO RegRep server. This feature conforms to the ebXML RegRep Profile for PDF Documents draft specification.

    This feature allows an organization to automatically catalog their vast number of PDF documents and make it possible for their users to search for and discover PDF documents of interest based upon their PDF metadata such as document, title, author, subject, associated keywords, creation date, last modification date etc. Documents may be searched using simple and flexible CQL queries that may combine multiple search criteria using logical operators such as "and", "or" and "not". CQL query support conform to ebXML RegRep Profile for Contextual Query Language (CQL).

    For example, the following query finds all PDF documents with a creation date later than July 13, 2008 9:05 PM, author Jane Doe, with more than 100 pages and where the document is not trapped:

    pdf.creationDate >= "2008-07-13T21:05:34" AND pdf.author = "*Jane*Doe*" AND pdf.numberOfPages > 100 AND (!pdf.trapped)

    The feature also allows cataloging and discovery of PDF documents stored outside the WellGEO RegRep repository.

Other Improvements

  • Support for reading deployment-specific configuration properties from any location even outside the web application tree. This enables more flexible options for deployment of WellGEO RegRep at customers sites
  • Support for Jenkins Continuous Integration throughout the product to enable faster release cycles and improved software quality
  • Minor bug fixes

Additional Information

A product data sheet for WellGEO RegRep is available here. Please contact us if you need more information.